Michael Frym

Review: 'The Lesson'


The Professor determines, after the arithmetic lesson, that the Pupil will only be able to pass the "partial doctorate" and, against the Maid's warning, proceedsto a philology lesson.


Review: 'Lou's on First'


Any biographical play about an identifiable person has the inherent problem of comparison between the actor and the original. Ironically, this is the only successful aspect of Edwin Gordon's "Lou's…

Review: 'Power Plays'


This series of seven short plays (none is longer than 12 minutes) takes on the theme of power. While the lion's share of the new writers' work shows promise, several are one-line jokes that, once…

Review: 'Home Fire'


The story deals with the family's older son, Italian stallion Rocco (John Gallucci), who is caught committing one of his many infidelities by his wife Rita (Barbara Goodson) and kids (Molly Jackson…

Review: 'But I Was Cool'


Into a spotlight on the stage of the cavernous, dark-draped LunaPark steps jazz seductress Betsyann Faiella, whose swinging, self-assured style conjures memories of a nightclub in times gone by. This…

Review: 'Minor Demons'


Bruce Graham's "Minor Demons" is so issue-fraught, offering such a bevy of angst-inspiring conflicts, that the audience has difficulty connecting with them. The piece isn't inaccessible, but viewers…

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