Matt Wolf

Review: 'A Few Good Men'


A large cast -- "The West Wing" star Rob Lowe in his West End debut included -- huffs and puffs its way through the London preem of "A Few Good Men," which has only a few things to commend it to…

'History' lesson


Look for Alan Bennett's "The History Boys" to achieve a nearly global profile in the season ahead. The beloved English scribe's latest play is planning an international tour as well as a Broadway run…


Tricycle trio


Strands: A trio of plays by black Americans, August Wilson's "Gem of the Ocean" among them, will make up the bulk of the Tricycle Theater's 2005-06 season, featuring the first shared ensemble the…

Review: 'Who's the Daddy?'


Look for job applications at Britain's weekly Spectator mag to shoot up as a result patchy if occasionally uproarious comedy now concluding a sellout five-week run at north London's King's Head pub…

Leigh legiter hooks London


The hottest ticket in London this fall is also the most mysterious: Mike Leigh's new play, which opens in repertory at the National Theater's Cottesloe auditorium Sept. 15 and so far has no name. (A…

Review: 'The Storm'


As evidence that the silly season of summer has a theatrical equivalent, along comes Peter Oswald's Plautus-inspired jape "The Storm," which will attract more attention than it otherwise might as the…

Turning 'Blue'


Strands: Blue Man Group is braving Blighty. The small Off Broadway venture that has become a sizable sensation will start previews Nov. 10 at the New London Theater, opening four days later. Stage…

'Billy' and the jets . . .


How do you celebrate the success of a new British stage musical set against the bleak backdrop of the miners' strike that all but maimed the north of England in the early 1980s? Easy. You fly…

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