Matt Wolf

Review: ‘The Storm’


As evidence that the silly season of summer has a theatrical equivalent, along comes Peter Oswald's Plautus-inspired jape "The Storm," which will attract more attention than it otherwise might as the…

Turning ‘Blue’


Strands: Blue Man Group is braving Blighty. The small Off Broadway venture that has become a sizable sensation will start previews Nov. 10 at the New London Theater, opening four days later. Stage…

Blighty’s beckoning


Sometimes, the biggest noise is sounded in the least likely location, unless, as has long been true of Peter Hall, you quite sensibly go where the work is. For Hall, that place over the past three…

Man with a ‘Plan’


Strands: "The American Plan," Richard Greenberg's play about ambivalent sexuality and the gentile/Jewish divide, is planning a November opening on the West End. That would mark the London commercial…

Review: ‘Mary Stuart’


For proof that opposites attract, look no further than the Donmar staging of "Mary Stuart," which locks together the elemental fire of Janet McTeer and the fine-boned control of Harriet Walter into…

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