Matt Wolf

Court convenes 50th


As the Royal Court prepares to mark its half-century next year, the playhouse that gave us John Osborne's "Look Back in Anger" in 1956 is anticipating a lineup of work in the same tradition of…

Hampton heatwave


Strands: Christopher Hampton may claim modestly to be "so slow with plays," but you might think otherwise in a climate that finds the 59-year-old scribe surfacing almost everywhere.

Review: ‘High Society’


Jerry Hall smiles her way through the new London revival, though it seems unlikely too many patrons will return the grin. A touring production tarted up as a star vehicle for a celebrity who's barely…

Review: ‘Richard II’


Shakespeare's history play itself makes history for marking the Bardic debut of Kevin Spacey, discounting his lone spear-carrying gig in Central Park two decades ago. Whether Trevor Nunn's production…

Review: ‘Romance’


Britain's love affair with David Mamet is sure to be sorely tested by "Romance," even in a Lindsay Posner production that improves upon its Off Broadway debut earlier this year. The courtroom farce…

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