Matt Wolf

‘Royal’ revival


Strands: Peter Shaffer turns 80 in May, and London legit will be busy marking the event. Most advanced of the projects under consideration is a Trevor Nunn-helmed National Theater revival of…

Sinatra’s back in London


Frank Sinatra will live again, beginning in February at the London Palladium. The venue where the crooner made his European debut in 1950 will be home to a 30-week run of "Sinatra at the London…

Review: ‘Ducktastic’


As aimless theatrical events go, you could do worse than "Ducktastic," a self-described "comedy spectacular" that in truth feels closer to an elaborately produced college revue. Hamish McColl and…

Review: ‘Shoot the Crow’


Existential angst hangs heavily over the "craic" animating "Shoot the Crow," the overwritten Owen McCafferty play currently receiving an ace London premiere. A portrait of four Belfast tilers at the…

Review: ‘Heroes’


Richard Griffiths looks blissed-out in the opening moments of "Heroes," and for as long as he is savoring the summer sun, so are we. But just as the August heat inevitably cools, the rapture this…

Hampton heatwave


Strands: Christopher Hampton may claim modestly to be "so slow with plays," but you might think otherwise in a climate that finds the 59-year-old scribe surfacing almost everywhere.

Court convenes 50th


As the Royal Court prepares to mark its half-century next year, the playhouse that gave us John Osborne's "Look Back in Anger" in 1956 is anticipating a lineup of work in the same tradition of…

Review: ‘High Society’


Jerry Hall smiles her way through the new London revival, though it seems unlikely too many patrons will return the grin. A touring production tarted up as a star vehicle for a celebrity who's barely…

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