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Review: 'Home'


The ghosts of great plays and legendary actors hover uneasily over "Home," David Storey's elegy for lost lives amid a lost country that is aging as painfully as its central characters. Its 1970…


Review: 'Macbeth'


After some recent West End misfires, Derek Jacobi makes a welcome return to form as Shakespeare's malevolent monarch. But director Adrian Noble's "Macbeth" is an otherwise routine affair that's going…

Review: 'Wildest Dreams'


"We mustn't get fun muddled up with life," Hazel Inchbridge (Brenda Blethyn) chirpily opines near the start of "Wildest Dreams" in one of many priceless moments in Alan Ayckbourn's 42nd play. But…

Review: 'Moonlight'


Characters move in and out of a gray, inky oblivion in "Moonlight," Harold Pinter's first full-length play (or, at 80 minutes, near enough) since "Betrayal" in 1978; and oblivion, indeed, is the…

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