Matt Hurwitz


Paul Crowder: Editor


Who says you can't take it with you? Don't tell award-winning editor-director Paul Crowder that. Crowder, who cut Stacy Peralta's skateboarding doc "Dogtown and Z-Boys" and won an ACE Eddie for…

Denis Leary, 'Rescue Me'


Denis Leary has been intrigued by firefighters his whole life. Playing Tommy Gavin of the New York Fire Dept. on FX's "Rescue Me," Leary pays his own warped homage to the men and women who risk their…

Got Milch?


When David Milch won a Humanitas Prize in 1983 for his work on "Hill Street Blues" and was awarded $15,000 in prize money, he didn't do what many people would think prudent and put the money in the…

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