Mark Fisher

Review: ‘Aalst’


The recent popularity of verbatim theater coincides with a desire to get behind the headlines, to get closer to the truth of real events, to understand the mechanics of the public world. Rarely…

Review: ‘Europe’


It would be heartening to report that David Greig's 1994 play about xenophobia and social collapse in a changing Europe was now an out-of-date relic from the post-Berlin Wall days of civil war in the…

Review: ‘Mary Stuart’


Schiller's magnificent drama about the imprisonment and execution of Mary Queen of Scots at the hands of Elizabeth I of England would seem to be the perfect way to bolster nationalistic pride in…

Review: ‘Son of Man’


Following the greatest refit the former Newcastle Playhouse has ever known, the newly named Northern Stage Theater has returned to action with the greatest story ever told. Dennis Potter's 1969…

Review: ‘Long Life’


It shouldn't work. A wordless play about senior citizens living in a dilapidated communal housing scheme does not sound like high drama. Yet "Long Life," a Latvian production playing at the Edinburgh…

Review: ‘Platform’


The audience was already prepared for the worst, fully aware that a play based on a novel by Michel Houellebecq was being staged by the equally notorious Calixto Bieito. It probably caused more alarm…

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