Mark Fisher

'Be Near Me'

Review: ‘Be Near Me’


It's a tantalizing proposition: John Tiffany, helmer of the world-conquering "Black Watch," teaming with Ian McDiarmid, vet actor and former director of London's Almeida Theater, on an adaptation of…

'King Lear'

Review: ‘King Lear’


"King Lear" is the most mythic of Shakespeare's tragedies. With none of the specificity of Elsinore or Glamis, it has the archetypal appeal of a fairytale. So it's a surprise to see a production…

Allison Silver

Review: ‘365’


Perhaps no show could live up to the weight of expectations. The prospect of a National Theater of Scotland collaboration with David Harrower was impossibly tantalizing.

Review: ‘In Conflict’


Sometimes a play comes along that changes the landscape. By putting the ordinary soldier's voice on stage, the National Theater of Scotland's 2006 production of Gregory Burke's "Black Watch" shifted…

Review: ‘Itsoseng’


Like Paul Grootboom and Presley Chweneyagae, whose "Township Stories" exposed South African poverty, Omphile Molusi in "Itsoseng" depicts a country in which the slow pace of change is crushing the…

Review: ‘Lucky You’


Getting the rights to stage Carl Hiaasen's 1997 "Lucky You" wasn't easy. The Florida novelist has turned down proposed adaptations of his works since being disappointed by the 1996 movie made of his…

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