Mark Fisher

Review: 'Roam'


At a time when a pair of nail clippers on a short-haul flight can set alarm bells ringing, it will be interesting to see if Edinburgh Intl. Airport remains the only such venue with the boldness of…

Review: 'Faust'


The Scottish capital's main rep theater is known for sturdy productions of the classics. In this context, it's all the more extraordinary to find such a demanding, expansive and ambitious staging of…

Scotland's 'Home' run


Critic's Notebook: It was a red-letter night for Scottish theater, but you'd have been hard pressed to find a red carpet. The National Theater of Scotland launched Feb. 25 with 10 site-specific…

Review: 'Ubu The King'


When Dominic Hill's arresting staging of Alfred Jarry's scatological classic reaches London at the end of November, it will be the final installment of the Young Genius season, a joint Barbican/Young…

Scots stage a coup


Nearly 200 years in the making, the National Theater of Scotland came one step closer on Nov. 1 with the launch of an inaugural 2006 program that will reach across Scotland and as far as the U.S.

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