Marilyn Stasio


Review: 'Flow'


If rap is supposed to be the rhythm of life, then Will Power is dancing on the edge. The question is, who wants to go out there with him? Although the show is smartly constructed and given a polished…

Review: 'Savannah Bay'


Theoretical plays are probably best served by theoretical productions. Although Les Waters' staging of this barely there performance piece is slightly more dynamic than this (theoretical) rendering…

Review: 'Mondo Drama'


This is Douglas Carter Beane's gun. This is Douglas Carter Beane's foot. Ready, aim ... The concept for this mondo crudo satire is molto buffo: a spoof of those cheesy shockumentaries that Italian…

Review: 'Meshugah'


The thoughtful subjects, complex characters and rich social background of Isaac Bashevis Singer's compassionate novels about the day-to-day struggles of Jewish emigres starting new lives in postwar…

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