Marilyn Stasio


Review: 'Addicted'


As a street performer, Mark Lundholm could hold his own among the locos who stand outside the bus terminals of major cities gibbering at commuters. Perf boasts an autobiographical rant about shaking…

Review: 'Birdy'


Playwright's fertile imagination combines with director's savvy stagecraft to produce a haunting and entirely stage-worthy adaptation of William Wharton's seminal antiwar novel. Overstated emphasis…

Review: 'Juvenilia'


With the possible exception of politicians, college students are the most self-regarding creatures on earth. Wendy MacLeod nails that narcissism with a wry vengeance in this comic drama about two…

Review: 'Frame 312'


What if someone in Washington had tampered with the Zapruder film that caught the exact moment of President Kennedy's assassination? Keith Reddin does raise this provocative thesis in his play. But…

Review: 'The Cook'


You'd think Eduardo Machado would have exhausted himself on the subject Cubans after 2 dozen plays. Guess not. Although "The Cook" lacks the robust humor of Machado's lighter domestic comedies, and…

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