Marilyn Stasio

Review: 'Rainbow Kiss'


Actors dearly love a mad scene, and in "Rainbow Kiss," Peter Scanavino shows he can gnash and thrash with the best of them, delivering a disturbing portrayal of a lonely young man from Aberdeen who's…

Review: 'The Seagull'


When you go to the theater in Russia, one thing you notice is they play Chekhov for comedy. So it shouldn't be a shock that a production of "The Seagull" helmed by Viacheslav Dolgachev, artistic…


Review: 'U.S. Drag '


Until it self-destructs -- crushed by the weight of its own self-regard -- "U.S. Drag" seems well worthy of the Blackburn Prize conferred on scribe Gina Gionfriddo for her satirical look at a…

Review: 'War'


War is a brutalizing business that systematically destroys whatever is noble about humanity by reducing men and women to their animal nature. So argues Swedish playwright Lars Noren in his bluntly…

Review: 'Grace '


Lynn Redgrave's commanding performance as a British  academic and an offbeat narrative device that allows her to argue theology with her dead son combine to create the illusion in "Grace" that we are…

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