Marilyn Stasio

Daniel Everidge and Julia Murney in

Review: ‘Falling’


That Julia Murney sure can sing -- in "Wicked," "The Wild Party," and in orchestral concerts, among other musical venues. But the notes she hits in "Falling," Deanna Jent's hard-hitting drama about…

Kate Arrington, Paul Rudd and Michael

Review: ‘Grace’


A dream cast (Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington and Ed Asner) brings so much humanity to these oddball characters -- a young evangelical Christian couple, their reclusive neighbor and a…

Darren Pettie and David Schwimmer in

Review: ‘Detroit’


Lisa D'Amour's dark comedy about young marrieds (David Schwimmer and Amy Ryan, almost too good to be true) hanging on for dear life to the American Dream while the economy crumbles is smart, deadly…

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