Maria Armoudian

Review: 'Scorpions'


Those who think older bands can't rock haven't seen the Scorpions lately. The German band has definitely ridden out the roller coaster of the rock 'n' roll business and, after 21 years, has lost…


Review: 'Nirvana'


Nirvana has been credited with awakening a dormant rock 'n' roll market and inspiring a new subculture, fashion and musical category, grunge. But the band was not quite so inspiring this night at the…

Review: 'Meat Loaf'


As of Tuesday, the opening night of Meat Loaf's U.S. comeback tour, "Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell," his debut album on MCA, had sold more than 2 million copies in just eight weeks. "I'd Do…

Review: 'Midnight Oil'


Politics, some say, flatten the verve of entertainment, but not in Midnight Oil's case. Playing in support of its new Columbia album "Earth and Sun and Moon ," the Australian band kept concertgoers…

Review: 'Duran Duran'


Duran Duran is back on tour after four years, and musically it's stronger than ever. The concert, which sold out in just 18 minutes, was filled with a long string of hits, keeping the audience on its…

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