Marc Graser

  • Biz

Kestrel buys SVE


Kestrel Equity Corp. has acquired privately held 3-D film development, production and distribution house Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc. in a stock swap deal.

Mouse gets going


Shares of Disney Internet arm and new media portfolio NBCi surged as high as 28% Tuesday as analysts upgraded the stocks on predictions of how the major entertainment players would perform…

  • Film

Pixar’s payday


At first glance, the birthplace of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Flik -- an unimpressive office complex outside San Francisco -- seems underwhelming, but inside, Pixar Animation Studios is a different…

  • TV

TV techno tandem


In the race to bring interactive TV services to consumers, Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday said it has expanded its deal with AT&T-owned high-speed Internet provider Excite@Home to roll out a jointly…

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