Marc Graser

Dishing up DishPlayer


FROM NAB CONFERENCEHeightening competition in the emerging digital video recording industry, satcaster EchoStar Communications and Microsoft's WebTV Networks will release their DishPlayer satellite…

NBC pacts on HDTV


FROM NAB CONFERENCENBC has pacted with the world's largest computer chipmaker Intel Corp. to begin broadcasting interactive high-definition digital television programming, as early as this fall.

  • TV

NAB players debate ‘Net TV


Emerging interactive television services, touted as "the future of TV," were the hot topic during brainstorming sessions at HollyWeb, a Saturday-Sunday event that precedes today's opening of the…

  • Biz

Todd-AO boasts higher revs


Post-production house Todd-AO Corp. said the acquisition of TeleCine Cell Group and the expansion of its DVD operations helped increase second quarter revenues by 26% but cut profits to $897,000.

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