Maggie Lee


  • Film

Review: ‘Thermae Romae’


All roads lead to a bathtub in this cheekily entertaining manga adaptation, a time-travel fantasy in which a Roman architect from 128 AD saves the empire by tapping into Nipponese ablution habits.

“The Thieves”
  • Film

Review: ‘The Thieves’


A debonair caper that brings together Korean and Chinese cat burglars for a diamond heist in Macao, "The Thieves" owes much to the sparky gamesmanship and glamour casting of Steven Soderbergh's…

"Sushi Girl"
  • Film

Review: ‘Sushi Girl’


A gory yarn of reckoning set in a restaurant where a nude femme accompanies the main dish, "Sushi Girl" makes a strong impression with a lurid, finely twisted plot, but its excessive cruelty leaves a…

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