Lily Oei

  • Biz

Cop shop with on-set chops


Police officer Brendan Divine checks the permits and facilitates the flow of midtown traffic as the crew moves a scrim frame a few yards down busy West 57th Street, where low-budget Italian-language…

Bowles’ band of insiders


It's fashionable for actors to moonlight in bands -- think Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Jared Leto and Dennis Quaid. But Magnolia Pictures prexy Eamonn Bowles might be the only indie distributor…

Kid comics


"Walking down the street the other day, a guy calls out, 'Hey Afro, spare some change?' " quips Alejandro Kolleeny, a lanky comedian with a full head of gravity-defying curls. "If you're an actor and…

  • Film

Peter Newman


Five years ago, Newman was so frustrated with the business he was ready to leave it. It was the "Squid" script that changed his mind. "When I read it I thought, 'I've got to stick around long enough…

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