Lawrence Christon

Review: ‘Circle’


The drumbeat has been out for a while now on Eddie Izzard, the British transvestite stream-of-consciousness standup comedian, but his latest piece, "Circle," easily shatters any notion that his is a…

Talent transfusion


Michael Winterbottom's decision to cast Stephen Dillane in the lead role of a television reporter in "Welcome to Sarajevo" meant that there were no prior references, no recollection of an earlier…

  • TV

Force field


The standard sitcom often presents a certain disparity between fact and truth. The sitcom is frequently identified as a star vehicle: an established star might play a character not unlike his or her…



The iconoclastic tradition of American political humor includes such legendary social pundits as Artemus Ward, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Ambrose Bierce, Will Rogers and Lenny Bruce. These disparate…

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