Larry L. Lash



Review: 'Rudolf'


Three weeks after Frank Wildhorn's egregiously overwrought tuner "Rudolf" limped onto the stage of Vienna's Raimund Theater, the German-language premiere of "Spring Awakening" opened across town at…


Review: 'Spectacular'


Potted palms arranged around a huge, sweeping staircase take up half the stage. At one side, a four-man combo plays up-tempo tunes, and then the warm-up guy rouses the audience into gales of laughter.


Review: 'Parsifal'


Richard Wagner's final work, "Parsifal," is so utterly unlike anything that came before it, he invented a new term to describe the opera: Buhnenweihfestspiele, its components meaning "stage,"…

Alicia Silverstone

Review: 'The Producers'


Seven years after "The Producers" conquered Broadway, the show has a new and arguably trickier challenge at hand: proving it's OK for a country that surrendered itself to the Third Reich to laugh at…

Review: 'Capriccio'


For some opera-goers, Richard Strauss' final work for the stage, "Capriccio," is as bubbly and refreshing as the flute of champagne the resplendent Renee Fleming downs at the end of the evening at…

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