Kevin Zimmerman

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Review: 'Quadrophenia'


TX:Presented by Metropolitan Entertainment. reviewed July 16, 1996; runs through July 22. Billed not as a Who reunion but a performance by its surviving principals Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and…


Review: 'Tori Amos'


All the emotive power of Tori Amos' breathy brand of pop translates well from record to concert stage, fully connecting with a rabid audience. Uncompromising in an unusual way, Amos is gradually…

Review: 'Cracker'


Given the impressive multidimensionality that permeates Cracker's current Virgin album, "The Golden Age," it was a bit disheartening to find that the group in concert is mostly content to swing only…

Review: 'John Prine'


Unfortunately, a laid-back attitude sometimes overwhelmed all, as the singer approached the first half hour or so appearing mildly bored with it all. Whether it was the interplay with his crack band…

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