Karen Idelson

  • Film

Claudio Miranda


While he was shooting "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," d.p. Claudio Miranda realized he would need to take a solidly real approach to bring this strange tale about a man who ages in reverse to…

Chris Manley


Mad Men" d.p. Chris Manley has a kind of era-sensitive litmus test for the shots he sets up on the Emmy-winning series. "We're really trying to remain true to the period," he says, "so there's…

Steven Vincent


When putting together the music that makes today's tweens swoon, Steven Vincent, vice president of music and soundtracks for Disney Channel, likes to keep it both classic and hip.

Don Mattrick


Mattrick, who heads Microsoft's Xbox and Games for Windows businesses, started 2008 at CES by saying he expects the Xbox 360 to lead the year's console sales and dominate the future.

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