Karen Fricker

'My City'

Review: 'My City'


History, memory, loss, the endless intrigue of London, the porous boundary between the real and the imagined takes the stage in a package that is, at its best, strangely compelling.


'The Kitchen'

Review: 'The Kitchen'


Arnold Wesker's 1959 play "The Kitchen," set in the kitchen of a hectic London restaurant, helped define an era of English drama: It eulogizes the values of teamwork (read: socialist community) while…


Review: 'Decade'


Rupert Goold's Headlong calls its new production about 9/11 "site specific", but -- like everything else about the show -- what they mean by this term, and what they're trying to achieve by the…

Review: 'The Tempest'


Thanks to the headline presence of Ralph Fiennes, Trevor Nunn's new production of "The Tempest," Shakespeare's last full-length play, has already bagged £1 million ($1.6 million) in pre-sales.

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