Jon Weisman

  • Film

Michael Cera


It's not as if Michael Cera can't lie -- in character, at least. For three seasons on Fox's "Arrested Development," he concealed his more-than-familial fondness for his first cousin Maeby.

Tom Lynch


You might think he'd be slouching toward an early retirement, after more than two decades of generating signature hits for Nickelodeon, the N, the Disney Channel and others. But Tom Lynch seems to be…


  • TV

ABC: Callin' All Collins


Jessica Collins: The name so nice, they cast it twice. Last year, ABC chose Jessica Collins (left) to play one of the hostages in its ballyhooed drama, "The Nine." WIth all the positive press heaped…

Chuck Lorre


Lorre already has the most popular sitcom on television, even if some critics aren't thrilled about it. His "Two and a Half Men" drew an average of 14.1 million viewers last season to CBS at 9 p.m…

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