Jon Burlingame

Crime and punishment


With its mean streets, melting pot diversity and critical-mass density, the milieu of New York is almost synonymous with crime drama. As if the city wasn't steeped enough in this gritty genre of…

Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek


A German pop producer and an Australian techno artist writing movie music: It's an offbeat combination, to be sure, but Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek are capitalizing on their fame from "Run Lola…


Jeff Beal


Given writer-director Ed Harris' subdued, yet emotionally raw approach to the subject of abstract expressionist icon Jackson Pollock in last year's award-winning biopic "Pollock," the film was…

Hank Steinberg


Long Island native Hank Steinberg graduated from the U. of Pennsylvania with the idea of selling a script on a highly charged moment of American history: the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron…

Joel Diamond


Among New York composers, Joel Diamond's resume is broader than most: music for Off Broadway productions, ballet scores, chamber music pieces, session work, pop production and even cartoon tunes.

  • Film

Scores to swoon over


From the moment the first projector started whirring, music and the movies began an enduring affair. And as filmmakers discovered the box office potential of the love story, music figured prominently…

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