Jon Burlingame

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‘Kitchen’ connection


Two of MTV Italia's highest-rated shows are "MTV Kitchen" and "TRL Milan." The weekly "Kitchen," hosted by Andrea Pezzi, capitalizes on the well-known Italian love of food, and features celebrities…

Crime and punishment


With its mean streets, melting pot diversity and critical-mass density, the milieu of New York is almost synonymous with crime drama. As if the city wasn't steeped enough in this gritty genre of…

Jeff Beal


Given writer-director Ed Harris' subdued, yet emotionally raw approach to the subject of abstract expressionist icon Jackson Pollock in last year's award-winning biopic "Pollock," the film was…

Hank Steinberg


Long Island native Hank Steinberg graduated from the U. of Pennsylvania with the idea of selling a script on a highly charged moment of American history: the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron…

Joel Diamond


Among New York composers, Joel Diamond's resume is broader than most: music for Off Broadway productions, ballet scores, chamber music pieces, session work, pop production and even cartoon tunes.

Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek


A German pop producer and an Australian techno artist writing movie music: It's an offbeat combination, to be sure, but Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek are capitalizing on their fame from "Run Lola…

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