John Carmen

Review: ‘Black Flag’


Legendary punk band "reunited." "Reunited" must be in quotes as the show was not as advertised. For the first third, the music dated from outside the time frame in the ad -- and for most of the…

Review: ‘Hadda Brooks’


For over 60 years, Hadda Brooks has been singing the blues, jazz and torch in taverns, cabarets and restaurants. Yet somehow, the 85-year-old chanteuse makes even a run-of-the-mill Wednesday night in…

Review: ‘Rob Zombie’


Featuring a gigantic leering Satan in the middle through whose mouth the singer made his grand entrance and upon whom sat drummer John Tempesta, and blasts of fire that could be felt 50 feet back…

Review: ‘B.R.M.C.’


Since the dawning of the Doors and Velvet Underground, there has been a continuous cycle of black-clad, gloomy sounding rock bands. Now it's a new century, and San Francisco's B.R.M.C. is carrying on…

Review: ‘G3’


The "G" stands for guitar, the "3," Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Petrucci. And that's what the audience at the Wiltern came for and got -- guitars, and lots of them. Satriani and Vai are…

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