John Anderson

"16 Acres"
  • Film

Review: ‘16 Acres’


Gimlet-eyed and caustic under a facade of civility, "16 Acres" takes a potentially tedious story -- the predictably tiresome catfight over the rebuilding of the World Trade Center -- and turns it…

Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter in
  • Film

Review: ‘Vamps’


Heckerling always manages to get her finger firmly on the pulse of the contemporary moment, and while her club-hopping heroines may be undead, they serve as adorable metaphors for what the filmmaker…

Dr. Scott Tinker in "Switch"
  • Film

Review: ‘Switch’


Sidestepping the usual eco-docu strategy (i.e., set up a desperate, end-of-the-world scenario and then yank the viewer in off the ledge), the global-energy movie "Switch" takes a far less hysterical…

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