John Anderson

Mitch Amundsen


On one hand, being a Cinematographer to Watch makes him feels something like a debutante. But Mitchell Amundsen says he's already had the greatest job of his life -- shooting the Rolling Stones for…

Hagen Bogdanski


German TV vet Hagen Bogdanski's breakout pic was the 2006 Stasi drama "The Lives of Others," which in addition to surprising audiences, surprised Bogdanski. "Everyone saw this movie," he says…

Uta Briesewitz


Growing up in Leverkusen, Gemany, Uta Briesewitz entertained the idea of becoming a painter. But she was concerned "about the isolation that comes with the choice of such a career."

  • Film

Review: ‘Splinter’


F/x whiz Toby Wilkins' "Splinter" is a spare, effective and genuinely frightening retro-nightmare that will have teenage gore girls trooping to the movies like lurching swarms of George Romero's…

  • Film

Milos Forman


For Milos Forman, being honored by the Directors Guild of America is a bit like being dragged out of a burning building by a fireman, who then hands you a gold watch.

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Review: ‘Smother’


It's with mixed feelings that we watch the often hilarious "Smother." No, Diane Keaton's not a kid anymore. But she can still sink her actorly teeth into a wacked-out character, and Vince Di Meglio's…

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