Joel Hirschhorn


Review: 'Dead End'


In 1933, playwright Sidney Kingsley reportedly walked through a New York slum and watched kids swimming in the filthy East River, then looked beyond this shabbiness toward a nearby luxury building…


Review: 'Ascension'


The world premiere of Maurice Chauvet's "Ascension" is both delight and disappointment. After a forceful first act that sets up engrossing situations, the story loses its way, talking out conflicts…

Review: 'Tea at Five'


Kate Mulgrew, who scored Off Broadway in this one-woman chronicle about Katharine Hepburn, becomes a convincing "Katharine of Arrogance" at the Pasadena Playhouse, but her technically immaculate…


Review: 'Honour'


In Joanna Murray-Smith's one-acter, middle-age housewife and formerly prominent poetess Honor comments to a reporter that there comes a time when reading is more enjoyable than being handcuffed to a…

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