Joe Leydon

  • Film

Review: 'The Real Shaolin'


Despite its focus on a potentially fascinating subject, "The Real Shaolin" is a curiously underwhelming docu about four martial arts students who travel to China's legendary Shaolin Temple, the…

  • Film

Review: 'Fireproof'


As sincere, uncynical and subtlety-free as a Sunday school lecture, "Fireproof" is another aggressively inspirational drama from brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick ("Facing the Giants," "Flywheel")…


  • Film

Review: 'Management'


Neatly mixing whimsical quirkiness, straight-faced absurdity and affecting melancholy, "Management" is a slight but likable dramedy that signals a promising directorial debut for…

'Deal or No Deal'
  • Film

Review: 'Disaster Movie'


Seldom has a pic been more appropriately titled than "Disaster Movie," yet another frantically unfunny free-form farce from the unfortunately prolific writing-directing team of Jason Friedberg and…

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