Joe Leydon


  • Film

Review: ‘House’


A furiously confusing horror opus that suggests a "Saw" movie scripted by Agatha Christie. Unfortunately, that makes it sound much more interesting than it really is.

'Tinker Bell'
  • Film

Review: ‘Tinker Bell’


After enjoying immense success with direct-to-video sequels and prequels to classic toon features, Disney launches a new DTV franchise with "Tinker Bell," a kinda-sorta spinoff from the Mouse House's…


'Sex Drive'
  • Film

Review: ‘Sex Drive’


It may not matter to its target aud that "Sex Drive" is nothing more than a raunched-up, dumbed-down version of "The Sure Thing," since most members of that demographic weren't yet born when Rob…

  • Film

Review: ‘Quarantine’


Predicated on the idea that whiplash pans, inconstant focusing and other faux cinema verite embellishments can refresh even the moldiest of zombie-movie tropes, "Quarantine" is a modestly inventive…

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