Joe Leydon


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Review: ‘Gayby’


Although it traffics freely in stereotypes and sitcom-style one-liners, "Gayby" is never less than likable as it tackles the complications that arise when a straight thirtysomething woman attempts to…

  • Film

Review: ‘Booster’


Elliptical to the point of abstraction, "Booster" is an austere and stripped-to-essentials indie that suggests a Boston crime drama such as "The Town" or "Monument Ave." as reimagined by Robert…

'October Baby'
  • Film

Review: ‘October Baby’


Sibling filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin occasionally strain credibility and test patience with "October Baby," their debut feature, but they're blessed with a lead player whose affecting performance…

  • Film

Review: ‘Citadel’


Writer-director Ciaran Foy skillfully taps into primal fears and urban paranoia to keep his audience consistently unsettled in "Citadel," an intensely suspenseful horror-thriller that could scare up…

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Review: ‘Eden’


Scrupulously avoiding salaciousness and overstatement, "Eden" translates a true-life tale of human trafficking into an effectively low-key, arrestingly suspenseful drama.

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