Jill Pesselnick

Sandy Prudden


Sandy Prudden, stage manager for the syndicated program “Donny & Marie,” died Dec. 11 in Burbank following a brief illness. He was 54. Prudden formerly worked with the Osmonds in 1974, when he served…

Daniel Angel


Daniel Angel, British independent film producer best known for 1956’s “Reach for the Sky,” died Dec. 13 of natural causes in London. He was 88. Angel’s “Reach” was one of postwar England’s most…

Andy Wiswell


Andy Wiswell, a Grammy-winning record producer who worked with Judy Garland, Perry Como and Harry Belafonte, died Dec. 17 after a short illness at his home in Aiken, S.C. He was 94. Wiswell won a…

Stanley Meyer


Stanley Meyer, executive producer and co-owner of the Emmy-winning TV series “Dragnet,” died Dec. 18 of heart failure at his home in Santa Monica. He was 85. In addition to his TV production company…

Marshall Wortman


Marshall Wortman, a labor relations consultant who held positions at NBC, Goldwyn Studios, Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox, died Dec. 13 in Los Angeles of natural causes. He was 81. Wortman…

David Schickele


David Schickele, a documentary filmmaker, film editor and composer best known for his 1971 feature-length film “Bushman,” died Oct. 31 in San Francisco of cancer. He was 62. “Bushman,” which depicted…

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