Jerry Beck

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Win, lose or draw


The Academy's animation branch may have fewer features to consider, compared with numbers from previous years, but there's a much wider array of techniques on display. And, without a Pixar…

Betty Boop


Max Fleischer's "queen of the animated screen" started her career as a canine jazz crooner in a delightfully bizarre cartoon, "Dizzy Dishes," first animated by Grim Natwick in 1930.

Bugs Bunny


With America's involvement in World War II, a new national character emerged: strong, scrappy and wise-cracking. Bugs Bunny's Brooklyn personality summed it all up and more.

Mr. Magoo


The near-sighted Mr. Magoo was a 1950s phenomenon. Director John Hubley first modeled Magoo after his bullheaded uncle. Jim Backus provided hilarious ad libs for the cantankerous old crank, and the…

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