Jerry Beck

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Win, lose or draw


The Academy's animation branch may have fewer features to consider, compared with numbers from previous years, but there's a much wider array of techniques on display. And, without a Pixar…

Mr. Magoo


The near-sighted Mr. Magoo was a 1950s phenomenon. Director John Hubley first modeled Magoo after his bullheaded uncle. Jim Backus provided hilarious ad libs for the cantankerous old crank, and the…



Charles Schulz's humble "Peanuts" comic strip began in 1950. It grew in popularity in that decade and virtually exploded as a pop sensation in the 1960s -- spawning books, Broadway musicals…

The Pink Panther


Sleek and slinky, the Pink Panther is the hippest cat in the cartoon kingdom. From his scene-stealing performance during the opening titles in Blake Edwards' original 1964 spoof through his…

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