Scott Hettrick

Review: 'Bauhaus'


Even though Bauhaus broke up in 1983 and hasn't performed in public since, the British rock band, often heralded as “the Godfathers of Goth,” is still very much a viable act in 1998. Initial evidence…


Review: 'Duran Duran'


With its 20th anniversary approaching next year, Duran Duran will be able to toast the '80s new-wave dance hits that helped define a generation. And the audience of twenty- and thirtysomethings might…

Review: 'Spiritualized'


Spiritualized, the unassuming sextet led by guitarist/vocalist Jason (Spacemen) Pierce, look and act nothing like rock stars; the six musicians stand virtually in one spot playing their instruments…

Review: 'Blur'


Blur are wise, wise Englishmen, playing their megahit "Song 2" (the "woo-hoo" song) as the final tune in their six-song encore. Had they played it earlier, a mass exodus might have followed as it was…

Review: 'World Party'


Four years between albums and four years without touring can mean the death of an artist as fickle fans find the next fair to visit. Although the return of pop wizard Karl Wallinger to Los Angeles…