Jeff Miller

Review: 'Foo Fighters'


Dave Grohl's winning streak continues, not only with the recent Grammy victory for his band's "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace," but with a superlative U.S. tour closer in his "adopted" hometown…

Review: 'John Legend'


Earlier this year, Lionel Richie tried to stage a comeback. That effort was mostly unsuccessful -- perhaps because John Legend has already cornered the market on his brand of half-soulful…


Review: 'Lupe Fiasco'


Young Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco has all the right names behind him: Before his infectious skateboarding single "Kick, Push" broke through to the mainstream, he'd been hyped by superstars like Jay-Z…

Review: 'Ray Lamontagne'


Buoyed by a fantastic band, singer-songwriter Ray Lamontagne turned the often-repetitive rasp of his most recent album, "Till The Sun Turns Black" into something far more engaging, limiting his…

Review: 'The Killers'


The Killers are in a nerve-wracking, unenviable position for a young band: Their first album, "Hot Fuss," was such a success that expectations ran rampant for the follow-up, "Sam's Town" (Island)…

Review: 'Golden Smog'


Golden Smog is composed of Midwestern rockers looking to get their ra-ra jones out; though they did that in spades at a fun but overlong show at the Avalon, their enthusiasm did little to rouse a…

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