Janelle Brown

  • Biz

Night of the living comedy


Five years ago, if you were a comedian, the path to success was no laughing matter: It required years of torturous touring, performing to empty clubs and praying for a guest appearance on a latenight…

Eliza Coupe


Three years ago, Coupe, a recent graduate from the theater program at CalArts, was touring the country playing a soldier in an all-female version of "King Lear." Shakespeare had worn her down: "I…

  • Film

Extreme green


Million-dollar shoes. $150,000 goodie bags. Copious Dom Perignon. The Oscars are an homage to glorious overconsumption, and can in no way be considered an ascetic event. All the more reason to make…

  • TV

Recipe for reality


Reality television was supposed to be the genre that broke all the rules. Here was unscripted life, in all its quirky glory -- the only thing to expect was the unexpected.