Jack Zink

Coconut Grove goes fallow


Locks were changed May 8 after the bulk of staff was laid off at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, which lies paralyzed both financially and administratively while a rift widens between longtime producing…


Jupiter rising


The former Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater, once dubbed "the miracle at the truck stop," has reopened as a fashionably muted 550-seat LORT B regional theater. Over the past 25 years, Jupiter has become…

Review: 'Romeo & Bernadette'


Seldom, if ever, since "Little Mary Sunshine" or "Dames at Sea" has a musical spoof-orama chased its subjects with as much silly abandon as "Romeo & Bernadette." Under director Mark Waldrop's power…

Review: 'Urban Cowboy'


The stage musical version of "Urban Cowboy" has been cobbled together anew since the death of director and co-author Phillip Oesterman in late summer. With new director Lonny Price and musical…

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