Iain Blair

Nicholas Stoller


It might have seemed silly at the time, but "Forgetting Sarah Marshall's" puppet-opera subplot proved useful practice for the film's director. When the pic hit, Disney hired Nicholas Stoller and…

Jason Segel


A $63 million domestic gross may be small potatoes in Judd Apatow terms, but it's a nice start for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" writer-star Jason Segel, transforming the "How I Met Your Mother" cast…

Ben Stiller


Showbiz satires make for risky box office (witness 2008 Sundance duds "What Just Happened?" and "The Deal"). Take aim at out-of-control action movies and the pricetag increases exponentially -- which…

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Robert Downey Jr.


Sixteen years ago, he earned an Oscar nom for revealing Chaplin's melancholy side. Now there's talk Robert Downey Jr. could be recognized again for poking fun at serious actors.

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