Holly Willis

Art meets cinema


Art and cinema share a certain love for glamour and money, but they differ radically in terms of goals, institutions, participants and venues. Frequently the crossovers -- films by artists and…

Fest vets return to action


Gregg Araki “This is my eighth film, and my sixth at Sundance,” says writer-director Gregg Araki of “Mysterious Skin,” an adaptation of Scott Heim’s novel. “I’m really excited to go back, partly…

Gatekeepers open up


John Cooper Backstory: Former playwright who joined the festival staff 15 years ago; he’s now director of film festival programming. Programs: All festival sections. Trendwatch: “There’s definitely…

Balancing act


While the Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival continues to tout its annual lineup of Hollywood stars as a major asset, the festival is quietly being redefined as a savvier, more relevant festival this…

  • Film

Speaking in tongues


The 2002 Nortel Networks Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival (Jan. 10-21) is back on its feet, stronger than ever, despite the turmoil that marred last year's event and the economic impact of the…

  • Biz

Digital dimension


What a difference a year makes. While just 12 months ago digital filmmaking was a novelty, this year everyone from Julie Delpy to the kid next door is making a digital feature.

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