Holly Willis

Art meets cinema


Art and cinema share a certain love for glamour and money, but they differ radically in terms of goals, institutions, participants and venues. Frequently the crossovers -- films by artists and…

Gatekeepers open up


John Cooper Backstory: Former playwright who joined the festival staff 15 years ago; he’s now director of film festival programming. Programs: All festival sections. Trendwatch: “There’s definitely…

Fest vets return to action


Gregg Araki “This is my eighth film, and my sixth at Sundance,” says writer-director Gregg Araki of “Mysterious Skin,” an adaptation of Scott Heim’s novel. “I’m really excited to go back, partly…

Balancing act


While the Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival continues to tout its annual lineup of Hollywood stars as a major asset, the festival is quietly being redefined as a savvier, more relevant festival this…

  • Film

Speaking in tongues


The 2002 Nortel Networks Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival (Jan. 10-21) is back on its feet, stronger than ever, despite the turmoil that marred last year's event and the economic impact of the…

  • Biz

Digital dimension


What a difference a year makes. While just 12 months ago digital filmmaking was a novelty, this year everyone from Julie Delpy to the kid next door is making a digital feature.

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