Guy Lodge

'Hope' Review: Tough Love In Vividly
  • Film

Film Review: 'Hope'


There exists a rich anthropological patchwork of survival stories from sub-Saharan African migrants who have traversed desert and sea in pursuit of a better life in Europe, yet it's one that has…

Xenia Cannes 2014
  • Film

Film Review: 'Xenia'


The word "Xenia" refers to the Greek tradition of generous hospitality toward strangers - an appropriate title, then, for a film that gladly accommodates all manner of curiosities.


'The Circle' Review: Narrative Trumps Documentary
  • Film

Film Review: 'The Circle'


The true-life gay rights battle at the heart of "The Circle" is an unusual, underexposed one that merits either substantial documentary or riveting narrative treatment, so one can hardly blame…

Ectotherms Review
  • Film

Film Review: 'Ectotherms'


The Florida sun has rarely seemed harsher than it does in “Ectotherms,” a bristling, defiantly lo-fi debut feature from multitasking filmmaker Monica Pena that offers a pithily poetic view of…

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