Greg Evans


Review: ‘Salome’


Al Pacino's entrance in "Salome" is a garish onslaught of black and gold silk robes, oversize jewelry and facial make-up that can best be described as depraved. Pacino's over-the-top Herod is…

Review: ‘Balancing Act’


NEW YORK--What little imagination there is in "Balancing Act," Dan Goggin's new musical comedy, can be found in the program's list of characters. The gimmick--five actors play different aspects of a…

Changes On The Way To The Forum


Madison Square Garden execs have been wooing talent agencies, courting producers and pitching promoters as they gear up for what could be a bout worthy of booking at the Arena: the Garden’s new Forum…

‘Speed’ Calls In Coin


The producers of first Broadway Alliance play have secured the 15% overcall permitted under the Alliance’s financing guidelines, money that could be spent to help offset mixed reviews. Robert…

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