Gordon Cox


Great green way


On Broadway last week, if you were green, you were golden. With holiday pilgrims flocking to Rialto offerings over the Thanksgiving weekend, one musical with a green lead -- "Wicked" ($1,715,156)…


Broadway librettist dies


Betty Comden, one half of the legendary lyricist-librettist duo Comden & Green, died Thursday of heart failure. She was 89. With Adolph Green, her partner of more than 60 years, she contributed the…

Grinch sneaking up list


"Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" ($931,347) continued its climb up the top 10, landing in the No. 4 slot behind top-three stalwarts "Wicked" ($1,386,066), "Jersey Boys" ($1,169,548) and…

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