Frank Rizzo

Review: 'Fran's Bed'


James Lapine places the banalities of his characters beside the soap operas that main character Fran loves to watch on TV. But to what end? Does he mean to suggest life is as contrived, tedious and…

Review: 'Butley'


On stage for the play's entirety the title character in Simon Gray's "Butley" is a horrid but fascinating man. Nathan Lane's career has been perfect preparation for this role. The playfulness laced…

Review: 'The Black Dahlia'


Yale Rep's elaborate production of "The Black Dahlia," receiving its U.S. premiere in New Haven, only brushes the surface of Ellroy's demon-filled world. Attempting to be the theatrical equivalent of…


Review: 'As You Like It'


For entertainment full of perspective, humor and humanity, look to Rebecca Hall's wise and wonderful Rosalind in Peter Hall's Theater Royal, Bath, production of "As You Like It." Audiences also will…

Review: 'Eight by Tenn'


Hartford Stage is ambitiously showcasing Tennessee Williams' range with a two-evening program of eight one-act plays. The plays, directed by Hartford a.d. Michael Wilson, embrace both the sublime and…

Review: 'Memphis'


It's hardly a revelation that music in post-WWII America was as segregated as society. To tread this familiar turf, a show must have something special going for it: a compelling story, captivating…

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