Frank Rizzo

Review: ‘Top Girls’


If you're a woman, even if you become pope, explore the world or literally go through hell, it's clear you're still seen as just one of the girls. And if you do become one of the great alpha males…

Review: ‘Equus’


To make Peter Shaffer's "Equus" more than an unusual why'd-he-do-it, you have to have a leading character compelling enough to make his belabored middle-age angst forgivable. Unfortunately for this…

Review: ‘Dear Brutus’


Neverland was not the only fantasy escape J.M. Barrie conjured. The creator of "Peter Pan" devised an "Almostland" for adults in "Dear Brutus," his 1917 play of second chances, which Westport's…

Review: ‘Follies’


Any major production of "Follies" not only has to deal with the haunting reunion of Ziegfeld-like showgirls at a theater about to be demolished, it also must contend with the ghosts from previous…

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