Frank Rizzo

Review: ‘Uncle Vanya’


If the eco-medic Astroff in "Uncle Vanya" makes you think of Al Gore, Yelena's ennui brings to mind Paris Hilton and the decaying Russian homestead conjures thoughts of a Beckett landscape, that just…

Review: ‘Persephone’


"I just want the work to speak for itself," says Giuseppe, a 16th century sculptor in Florence. In the Huntington's world premiere of "Persephone," Noah Haidle's imaginatively funny and deeply…

Emily Barclay and Cate Blanchett

Review: ‘Lulu’


Hot and throbbing rock music, pulsating with hormones and teenage angst, helped Frank Wedekind's "Spring Awakening" heat up the Rialto this season. But Yale Rep's production has not found its way…

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