Frank Rizzo

Review: 'Calvin Berger'


There's another "High School Musical" out there, and, though it may not have the power or ubiquity of the Disney phenom, it's a delightful entry into the young adult market that should find many more…

Review: 'Dissonance'


Who can resist metaphors when writing about the conflicts within a chamber music group? Certainly not Brit novelist Damian Lanigan, who crams his freshman playwriting effort, "Dissonance," with…


Review: 'Mary's Wedding'


"Journey's End" meets "Talley's Folly" in Stephen Massicotte's romance "Mary's Wedding," which uses a dream motif to tell its story of mismatched lovers -- set against the backdrop of WWI -- while…

Matthew McConaughey

Review: 'Herringbone'


After the opening-night perf of "Herringbone" was aborted when star B.D. Wong gouged his thigh in a freak onstage accident requiring 30 stitches, the thesp bounced back over the weekend with a…

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