Frank Rizzo

Review: 'The Understudy'


At times, the cold, absurd frustrations of working in the theater can make you feel as if you are trapped in a Kafka play. "The Understudy," a piece about a trio of idiosyncratic theater folk…

Review: 'Three Sisters'


The towering white birches in Michael Greif's production of "Three Sisters" loom like prison bars in the rural Russian countryside, an apt metaphor for Anton Chekhov's titular, immobile characters…


Review: 'Scramble!'


Auds are traditionally forgiving when it comes to sex farces, especially if they're presented as hot-weather trifles, are set in simpler times and sport British accents. But even those looking for…

Review: 'Broke-ology'


"Broke-ology" is "a complex new science that examines two things," says older brother Ennis King in Nathan Louis Jackson's tough and tender play .  "One, being broke. Two, staying alive despite your…

Review: 'Pageant Play'


The surreal world of child- beauty pageants is an endless supply of source material for deft comedies ("Little Miss Sunshine") and TV reality shows ("Little Beauties"). But co-writers (and cast…

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