Don Waller

Music's space race


Showbiz is turning MySpace into My Promotional Space. Now that musicians and the major labels have turned the social networking Web site into a marketing tool, the site is exploring an array of new…


Review: 'A&R'


Most novels about pop music fixate on how the troubled but talented recording artist gets screwed over by the big bad business; this first novel, by a veteran industry journo and senior veep at VH1…

Davis spins BMG diskery


After nearly a year of public sniping and speculation, BMG Entertainment and music industry giant Clive Davis have entered into a 50/50 joint agreement to form J Records. Terms of the deal remained…

  • Biz sues AOL, TW

By, the target of a copyright infringement suit filed by the RIAA in New York federal court, has returned fire. The Web firm has filed a lawsuit charging merger partners Time Warner and…

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