Don Braunagel

Review: 'Pilgrims'


As is the rage in TV these days, Metcalfe offers a cross-section of youthful friends, these being high school seniors. As in "The Breakfast Club," they're first seen in a detention class.

Review: 'Overtime'


A.R. Gurney, in the program notes, offers four reasons for the title of this new opus. Then a fifth meaning develops: The play goes on too long. Or maybe it just seems longer than its 140 minutes…


Review: 'Henry IV'


His dominating performance illustrates why some scholars believe that "Henry IV, Part II" exists because of the popularity of the Falstaff character. Shakespeare, the theory goes, recognized a hot…

Review: 'Turbo Tanzi'


It's a clever gimmick, but it wears thin, and Claire Luckham's simplistic feminist script lacks the heft to even be lightweight, so sustaining interest requires frequent and frenetic attempts to…

Review: 'Harvey'


For a 50-year-old rabbit who's invisible, Harvey still looks pretty good. And his good pal Elwood P. Dowd remains one of the most endearing characters in American theater. Both are beautifully served…

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