Don Braunagel

Review: ‘Overtime’


A.R. Gurney, in the program notes, offers four reasons for the title of this new opus. Then a fifth meaning develops: The play goes on too long. Or maybe it just seems longer than its 140 minutes…

Review: ‘Henry IV’


His dominating performance illustrates why some scholars believe that "Henry IV, Part II" exists because of the popularity of the Falstaff character. Shakespeare, the theory goes, recognized a hot…

Review: ‘Harvey’


For a 50-year-old rabbit who's invisible, Harvey still looks pretty good. And his good pal Elwood P. Dowd remains one of the most endearing characters in American theater. Both are beautifully served…

Review: ‘Oleanna’


This David Mamet scorcher about sexual harassment -- a female student shatters a prof's professional and personal life with generally unfair charges -- touches on an issue that's white-hot and…

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