Diedre Johnson

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Review: 'City of Angels'


What was always fun about "City" was how Gelbart accurately captured the 1940 s era, particularly Hollywood. The protagonist, Stine (Todd Nielsen), is every writer from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dorothy…


Review: 'Homework'


KimmiCat Prods. presents a comedy revue in two acts written by Kim Coles and Charles Randolph-Wright. Directed by Randolph-Wright; set design, Yael Pardess; costumes , Darryle Johnson; lighting, Doug…

Review: 'The Deal'


In 1987, insider trading and junk bonds were buzz words, "Dynasty" was one of the most popular TV shows and America seemed to buy into the "greed is good" philosophy. Matthew Witten's play, written…

Review: 'Dylan'


This version of "Dylan," Sidney Michaels' '60s Broadway play about poet Dylan Thomas' celebrated but unhappy life, demonstrates just how good a production can be. The show has funny, moving…

Review: 'Two Faced'


Two Faced" is an engrossing, in-your-face female perspective on growing older amid society's misguided expectations. Growing older naturally just isn't a plus in modern society, a fact adequately…

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