Dennis Harvey


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Review: ‘(A)sexual’


Increasingly against the popular tide, conservatives continue to war against gay marriage and rights, but one wonders how they might react to yet another "alternative lifestyle" explored in Angela…

  • Film

Review: ‘Red Eyes’


Chile's biggest homegrown theatrical hit last year (alongside romantic comedy "Fuck My Life"), "Red Eyes" charts the country's surprisingly strong showing in 2010's World Cup soccer tournament -- a…

  • Film

Review: ‘Spud’


Hugely popular in its native South Africa, John van de Ruit's series of young adult novels successfully translates to the screen in "Spud," which covers the first of three volumes (a fourth is…

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Review: ‘August’


An elemental triangle elevated by unusually detailed attention to nonverbal psychological cues, "August" is a gay romantic drama that's sexy without feeling like a flimsy excuse to bare well-toned…

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